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Meet the Board

Board Members

President: Dr. Christine Tranchida
Vice President: Dr. Kimberly Bowers
Secretary: Dr. Skip Nelson
Treasurer: Dr. Erica Tramuta-Drobnis
Directors: Drs. Vicky Nelson & Ravi Murarka
Advisors: Drs. Mark Cofone & Maribeth Shea-Droese
Program Co-Chairs: Drs. Ted Robinson, Paula Colletti, Christine Tranchida
Executive Director: Mr. Larry Koffer

Charter Members

Dr. Nancy Brown
Dr. Mark Cofone
Dr. Duke Descant
Dr. Joseph DiMauro
Dr. Mark Fox
Dr. Leslie Gall
Dr. Michael Herman
Dr. Lance Horwitz
Dr. Timothy Ireland
Dr. George Jeitles, Jr.
Dr. Alan McKersie
Dr. Michael Moyer
Dr. Ravi Murarka
Dr. Robert Nicol
Dr. Robert Orsher
Dr. Theodore Robinson
Dr. Kate Roby
Dr. William Rogatz
Dr. Harold Russell
Dr. Ken Sadanaga
Dr. Lenore Southam

Honorary Members

Dr. Andrew Hoffman
Dr. David Holt
Dr. Kathryn Michel
Dr. Gail Smith

Past Presidents

2004-2005 Dr. Ken Sadanaga
2005-2006 Dr. Ken Sadanaga
2006-2007 Dr. Jerry Northington
2007-2008 Dr. Nancy Brown
2008-2009 Dr. Mark Fox
2009-2010 Dr. Randy Rieder
2010-2011 Dr. Kim Hirschorn Galligher
2011-2012 Dr. Cindy Hartz
2012-2013 Dr. Steven Prier
2013-2014 Dr. Travis Meredith
2014-2015 Dr. Paul Eppes
2015-2016 Dr. Joe Hyduke
2016-2017 Dr. Ted Robinson
2017-2018 Dr. Kathryn Stoltzfus
2018-2019 Dr. Erica Tramuta-Drobnis
2019-2020 Dr. Ravi Murarka
2020-2021 Dr. Sheila Levie
2021-2022 Dr. Mark Cofone
2022-2023 Dr. Maribeth Shea-Droese


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