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President's Column

Dear Fellow Colleagues,

I hope you have enjoyed the seminars to date. We have another great one coming up this November 7, 2018 with Dr. Kennis and Dermatology.

Spring 2019 will bring four more great topics: Pediatrics, Emergency Medicine and Critical Care, Pain management and Clinical Pharmacology. Pain management should be very helpful if the opioid crisis continues and veterinarians continue to be restricted in access. We will need alternatives for pain management and multi-modal anesthetic options in the future. 

Sign in sheets:  I pride myself on practicing a degree of decorum and trust that my colleagues will do the same. Sadly, it has been brought to the attention of myself and the Board that there have been a very small number of people who have been abusing the trust of the DVAVM. We keep the sign in sheets out in the morning until well into the morning session, understanding traffic and other factors may make someone a bit late.

However, to receive continuing education credit, we want to ensure attendance to as much of the curriculum as possible. The sign-in sheets are thus, removed around 11 am.  We also have elected to not make the afternoon sign-in sheet available until the first break, around 2:15 pm. We hope that you understand our position as the decision to do so was not taken lightly. Additionally, we request that people not place their colleagues in the unethical position of signing in for them in their absence. 

Reflection: Mother nature has been a bit out of whack this year. Those in the paths of the hurricanes this year have been hard hit. Our thoughts go out to all in need. 

Friendly Reminder: Don’t forget to visit our Sponsor Exhibitions. Remember their support helps to lower dues. Additionally, don’t forget to participate in the sponsor bingo raffles to win $100, $200 Amazon Gift Cards! 

Hard to believe it will be that time already, but as we enter into the winter months, enjoy the DV Academy winter hiatus. We hope to see you all in the Spring.  

Wishing everyone a Happy Holiday Season and may everyone’s New Year be filled with fun, laughter, family, friends, and good health. 

Do not hesitate to contact me with any questions, suggestions, requests or concerns. 


Erica Tramuta-Drobnis, VMD


November 7, 2018

Jane Sykes, DVM, DACVIM
University of California Davis

  • Canine Pruritis
  • Antipruritic Therapy
  • Feline Pruritic Skin Disorders 
  • Immune Mediated Skin Disorders of Dogs

Program Co-Chairs: Ted Robinson and Paula Colletti

Directions to Seminar Venue

food for thought

Bagels/Danish Coffee/Tea in the morning

Thanksgiving Lunch

  • Turkey breast
  • spinach quiche
  • vegetarian stuffing
  • mashed potatoes and gravy
  • string beans
  • cranberry sauce
  • pumpkin/apple pie
If you have not completed the November lunch survey that was emailed on October 20, please do so as soon as possible.  

Items of Note

Parking Issues
Please try and avoid parking on the grass if there are no spaces in the front parking lot. Some members experienced issues with getting stuck in the mud. There should be parking behind and around the side of the building if there are no spaces in the front lot.

Remember: Delaware Valley Academy seminars are open to technicians
The fee for technicians affiliated with members is $30 per seminar. No preregistration is necessary. The fee for technicians not affiliated with members is $40 and technician students enrolled in accredited vet technology programs can attend for free.

Sponsor Exhibitions: $200 Amazon Gift Card Raffles!
At our September, October and November seminars, there will be sponsor exhibits.  At each exhibition, we will giving away $200 Amazon gift cards to those members who visit at least half the sponsors in the hall.  Pick up a Sponsor Bingo Card on the registration table and when you visit a sponsor, have them mark off their square.  Deposit your card into the raffle barrel after visiting at least half the sponsors and you will be eligible to win a $200 Amazon gift card.

Please visit all of the sponsors as their exhibit fees help reduce membership fees by over $80 per member.

Relief Veterinarian List
We have created a Relief Veterinarian list to be posted on our website. If you are a relief veterinarian and would like to be listed please send us an email with your name, licensed states, contact information and other pertinent information you wish to have included with your listing.

Continuing Education Statements
Continuing education statements will be emailed by the end of November to all DV Academy members who have attended at least one seminar since September 1, 2018 and will cover the period of January 1, 2018 through November 7, 2018. Sometimes these emails land in spam folders. If you have not received your ce statement email, or, corrections are necessary, please contact our office.


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